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We are pleased to welcome you at the Eisenbahn-Planer, the first international railway event planner.

This railway-planner was developed by friends of historical railways for others and is supposed to give a fast and short overview of all events on rail. The list of events contains special tours, rail events and scheduled tours of the heritage railways or museums with special steam trains or other historical equipment.

On the 'event' page you will find all railway events. You can use filters (ea. by type of events, by type of engines like steam, diesel, electric or by type of rails like narrow gauge etc.) to get a better overview of the events.
Further information about the events can be found by clicking on the entry (if linked) or the organizer at the right end of the row. Events taking place more than 6 weeks in the future are not fix and can be changed. Using the archive button you can find past events.

On the 'organizer' page you will find all organizers, railway museums and heritage railways. Clicking the table headers you are able to sort the list ascending or descending as you like.

Click on this field to load the map from Google.

Heritage Railways and Museums the international google railway map

The Eisenbahn-Planer will be further developed and enhanced, your critic is highly welcome. We are looking forward to your good ideas via email:

If you are interested in publishing your own railway events to an international audience, please register at the system and you will get your own account. Then you are able to announce your events to more than 30,000 visitors per month from all over the world. You can insert and link your events every time. You can test the Railway-Planner for the first six months free of charge. The marginal charge afterwards is only for further development of this tool, to reach and inspire more people for our heritage railways. terms and conditions
You can bind your events easily into your own homepage! Different examples are shown at , and on the Site of the Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde .

If you have any questions, please ask. We are pleased to help you:


This logo is free to hyperlink the Eisenbahn-Planer on your site.

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